We headed to antlers today for dinner to celebrate my (un)successful recital yesterday. so perhaps i’ll talk about the recital first.
I thought it went horribly, actually. Nobody was really prepared (enough) except for the last girl.
I thought my performance was way below par and below my normal practice ones. In general your concert performance is usually about 90% or 80% your regular practice performance.. but still. i would almost blame the piano. but i practiced on three different grands the days leading up to it and still it was terrible. there weren’t any break downs but still some major mistakes, like my right hand rushing out of time with my left, some unvoiced notes, etc etc i was so upset after i was done. and then everyone after me played even more crappily, except for the op. 109 girl. >.>

in any case the refreshments provided by mike were quite nice. americans like to have wine and cheese and olives and pate and strawberries after concerts in self-celebration. i liked the duck pate and this french cheese he brought. i also provided a tray of strawberry tarts that took a while to clear but after everyone found out i made them they tried some to give me face. haha. there was this one guy who played the sonata in f major who gobbled them down quite fast and asked me what was in the custard. (chocolate liqueur)
i also realised that i have played all of the sonatas performed last night except the e major one op. 109. they were all pretty common sonatas, like the tempest, pathetique, the f minor one no. 1 op. 2, the f major one op. 10 dr. costes onishi recommended me when i didn’t know what to play for my exam and she was in charge of giving me piano tutorials in rj.

anyhow lz (ever the supportive fan) thought i did fantastic and was better than most of them and took me to the antlers (a restaurant on the outskirts of ithaca run by two cornell graduates that has since turned into a chain). I also recently discovered that Burger King was founded by a cornell graduate from the hotel school, something i’ll never forget every time i eat a whopper.

things that stood out on the antler’s menu: the chocolate mousse with amaretto (undetectable) and the scallops and mushrooms in chardonnay. i never really thought scallops and mushrooms would go together but it was surprisingly good. we also had the thursday lobster special but i thought our lobster was oversteamed cause the meat was a bit dry and tough. if you want lobsters steamed perfectly you have to eat them at wegmans, which is cheaper to boot. the online reviews raved about the lobster bisque which we had a cup of (and was literally served in a mug) and was completely mediocre. compare it to the john thomas lobster bisque or the kilpatricks lobster bisque (can you tell i’ve tried almost every restaurant’s lobster bisque?) and you’ll see what i mean. it tasted like something you could buy from wegmans in a little plastic container that is reheatable in the microwave.

we also had the crab cake appetizer but the lumps of crab were not really discernible and i much prefer wetherspoon’s haddock and mozzarella cake or the boatyard grill’s crab cake. in general i disapprove of that way of doing crab that obscures everything good about the meat and is for spoilt/lazy people who don’t know how to deshell a crab. crabs are so delicious by themselves or in chilli/black pepper why would you dilute that flavour with eggs and flour and then fry them together so that any semblance of crabbiness is lost? it is unfortunately the only way one can get crab in america so i still eat them. they’re nice with a french remoulade or a horseradish dip as in today’s crab cake.
they do serve the appetizers with a nice warm bread basket that seems to be flavoured with garlic and tastes pretty good when the butter one spreads melts into it.

in all i would say more misses than hits but i would return for the scallops and for the mousse. mm. portions are not too big so you can literally finish a three course meal.



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