Tiger Balm

Did you know the stronger tiger balm is red and smells of cloves while the ‘weaker’ one is white and smells of menthol? i’ve become an expert since suffering various stomach maladies (people have told me in all their acquaintance i’m the person with the most stomachaches) and getting quick fixes via rubbing tiger balm on my stummick.
‘Stummick’ is the way people in avonlea say it. At least the children, and I’m sure the twins Marilla adopted pronounced it that way. I want to read the Anne series again! Pastor Mike made a reference to it the other day in sermon and I think none of the guys knew what was going on. He did say most guys who recognised the reference probably wouldn’t admit it. But if any of you know anyone who reads Anne of Green Gables and is a male you must introduce him to me! I’d like to meet him. It’s like how Amrita says she met a guy in her physics class who told her that if she knew of anyone who adored Fry and Laurie, that would be the girl for him. And she was like “I know her! She has a boyfriend!” and then I offered to lend him all my stephen fry books and she was like “I think he just watches their clips” and I was horrified. The feeling was like downloading a supercool jap drama and then discovering there are no subs. What kind of Fry and Laurie fan can legitimately call him/herself a fan without reading any of the stuff they write? (which is tonnes more fabulous than their sketches). you never heard of amazon?



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