I don’t think people are using expletives appropriately nowadays. (if they should be used at all, etc. etc.) One key example is ‘fml’. Loosely translated it means **** my life. I didn’t have a clue that was what it meant until sometime last year, which was when i got really shocked at all these 14, 15 year old girls on fb using it. gosh.

here’s an example of acceptable use of ‘fml’.
“The tokyo earthquake destroyed my apartment.. fml. ”
is a perfect time to use the abbreviation.

“Stuck in the Ithaca mall when I should be studying… fml.”
is NOT. (true story -.-)

‘fml’ should only be used when the circumstance is
a) surprising
b) beyond your control
c) really screws up your entire life
things in the vein of your parents getting divorced, your house burning down, your getting snowed in in an igloo with only an iphone with which you can post inane fb statuses, your husband dumping you for his secretary, a famine, a war, toppling off a cliff…

from an amoral standpoint,
using expletives in a situation that is sufficiently dramatic and/or life-screwing-up is acceptable
using expletives to add colour to your otherwise inconsequential life, is not.

it only serves to highlight how juvenile your life’s major concerns are and how inadequate your brain is at grasping trials bigger than “being stuck at the mall when you should be doing your homework.”

and you know how everyone calls cornell the stingy, way too intense school that never closes even when engulfed in an avalanche? neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night shall stay these students from going to school?” well waseda university could tack a “nor earthquake” to that list cause it was open all through and after the recent tokyo earthquake. i was wondering if shuhui had school after it happened so i looked up their operating status and it basically served the students a line like,

Earthquake off the northern coast of Japan on Friday, March 11, 2011 (3) Updated March 12, 01:20
After completing a survey of all campuses, no damage of any significant nature has been found on any of our facilities. Therefore, the University campus will be open as usual from tomorrow.

In other words, sorry for your loss of limbs and/or family, now more than ever I’m sure you wouldn’t want to lose anything else, such as your good standing with the school and your grades. Waseda is Open For Business as usual, bitches. if you wanted a day off you should’ve gone to school in some technologically stunted third world country that would look like it has been extensively shelled after a measly 8.9.

nothing like looking at japan to get a good reality-check as to your own pansy-tude and lack of samurai blood.



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