the card mingsee drew for me

hehe. it’s actually not bad don’t you think. a not so subtle reference to the time she returned to york (i was staying in her room) and it was like 11am in the morning or smth and heard her clomping up the stairs with her luggage but pretended to be sleeping only to yell “HELLO MINGSEE!!” when she reached the top when she finally discovered that i was not sleeping like she thought i’d be and only pretended not to hear her so i wouldn’t have to help her with her stuff. hehe that was a good day. and that was a run-on sentence.

edit: i realise in the middle the piano octaves become completely undefined and every single gap has a black key to it!?! a reference to the whole eons that pass between each time she practices such that she can no longer remember how many black keys there are to an octave? (FIVE) (btw wuzz did you know practice room keys are $100 a semester here. yours is hugely discounted innit) (well but then we have like 10 grands to choose from and the upright piano rooms are free. and the practice rooms have heating much unlike yours. or brums which is a pity considering they specialize in music and have the barber school and everything but cornell still has more pianos than them)



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