Have been reading mr brown (for the first time!) (since my sole lesson today got cancelled due to the snow) and he keeps talking about the budget’s growth dividends. I have never received any such dividends in my life! The $600 couldn’t hurt when i go back and have no summer job and no money.

But why are such payouts labelled as carrots? i’ve personally never taken to carrots. i figure they are supposed to act as a bribe but carrots are awful! which part of a carrot is bribe-worthy?
who was the original recipient when the phrase “dangle a carrot” was first coined?

i’ve also heard that they are scrapping the tv and radio license. good on them! finally realised what worthless tosh they have been screening and that they should be the ones to pay us for watching tv as opposed to the other way round. guess mediacorp cottoned on after singaporeans discovered so many more options on the internet, local dramas (all soap operas) are appealing to an increasingly diminishing demographic (housewives who need something to occupy their mind while doing chores (such as ironing) that their husbands refuse to take responsibility for).



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