I think i have food poisoning. Or the stomach ailment that is affecting heather and jack jack has been somehow passed to me via mrs paris.
my body is aching all over (i’m pretty sure not from badminton because I was feeling pretty sprightly today as it was and the badminton aches were pretty much gone by the morning)
and I remember feeling this crappy the last time in some class in school and then i came home and puked through the night. i was feeling that crappy and ache-y in bell choir but didn’t dare to complain since everyone there is basically older and more decrepit than me (except for scott) and it’d sound like juvenile whinging. not sure what to do now.
I need a nurse! applied tiger balm where all the aches are but they’re not going away.
also the salmon i ate for dinner tasted VERY metallic and could have been a tad uncooked (my own fault).

i think i could easily be a hypochondriac if i wanted to.

maybe one day i’ll wake up unresponsive like the guy who passed on in his fraternity. the thought doesn’t really scare me. i mean it sounds like a perfectly painless way to go.



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