To buy or not to buy

Photoshop CS4 is going for $175? in the cornell store, above which a 30% discount will be applied. Is that a good deal? When my previous photoshop (version 6.. haha) was free from chinghui, until my computer got formatted because the hard drive was stepped on.
A brief search online will reveal how much pricier it is to get photoshop cs5 and other versions. and i have been trawling the web for ages and ages looking for a good pirated copy but they have super stringent registration code checking procedures that make it pretty much impossible for one to generate a security key.

also, i wouldn’t really have to pay for it. which is kind of important. still have about $1000 in my bursar from my scholarship to use on food and stuff, I wouldn’t miss $130.. i also feel it’s kind of important to have your own copy of photoshop. have been using gimp and window’s photo editor, both of which are i suppose adequate but just can’t do as much. if only i were adept enough at mathematica to do photoshoppy things with it, since it is marketed as being able to do everything photoshop can do, if you just knew the correct code. do i look like i would know the correct code. -_-

Discovered the ark burger which is exactly what it sounds like. contains every single animal on the face of the planet, and two of every single animal at that. there are two food websites, which specializes in truly grotesque victuals that involve huge quantities of food that is nice only in moderate quantities, while specializes in actually nice looking food with a bit of an asian slant. one of our norwegian snack platters was published on andthisiswhyyourefat.



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