Things you need to eat on the spot at Wegman’s

1. Lobster. These are only $10.99/lb (1.5 lbs gets you a decent sized lobster). they’ll steam it for you on the spot but you need to bring your own lobster cracker and bibs etc.
2. Rotisserie chicken. It’s not that great reheated (unless reheated under some foil to lock the moisture in) so you should really eat that at the market itself.
3. Glazed donuts. Bringing them around will just make the glaze smear all over the inside of the paper bag, or the jelly squirt out. So if you’re the sort of person who needs all that sugar you should eat it right outside the donut stand (then you don’t even have to pay!)
4. Wegman’s packed potato salad is nice with the lobster. (especially if you kope a hard boiled egg from the salad bar and cut it into the potato salad). the potato salad isn’t really nice when you bring it back because you can make a much better potato salad yourself. okay, that is not true for most people, but in general you would be able to modify it more, like add the dill and egg to taste, or maybe mix some yolk into the mayonnaise.

Made a green tea/chocolate bundt and brie en croute and some aglio olio for ami and nicole yesterday. the brie en croute was really nice, (a wheel of brie with brown sugar and sauteed raisins/apples/walnuts on top, baked in a puff pastry shell)

but i used up all the puff pastry in my fridge. i wanted to try it out before we baked it with hr next week (plus there was a two for one brie sale at tops :P). also brie en croute is vegetarian so there would be no problems with amrita.

the aglio olio had super sweet cherry tomatoes and fresh basil but it wasn’t as nice as i wanted it to be because you have to crush anchovies into the oil to make it fragrant, and i was fairly certain that ami would be able to detect the anchovy taste immediately and refuse to eat the linguine. she’s annoying to cook for! ami doesn’t eat meat not because of any ethical reasons but just because she hates the taste (and she can taste the slightest bit of meat, even if you just use the stock). isn’t that strange? she’s also going vegan and ridding her diet of eggs.. just because. no eggs! i think i would die.

today we’re going to try spaghetti squash, which is this papaya-shaped squash (of the many squashes the americans are so fond of eating) that becomes spaghetti when you halve it and bake it; the flesh becomes stringy and you can tear it out of the shell with a spoon (it stringifies itself upon baking) and apparently it tastes a lot like spaghetti too. i’m just making some simple beef ragu to go with it because i’m too lazy to make meatballs (unless i find a nice recipe in the next 15 minutes). plus i don’t have any pork to make swedish meatballs. rich says he couldn’t tell it wasn’t real spaghetti, and he’s the pickiest old man i know who doesn’t like greens, doesn’t like broccoli, doesn’t like whole wheat, doesn’t like rice, doesn’t like chinese, etc. (which is great because whenever we all eat pizza together and they’re paying i don’t have to insist on having my all-meat pizza because he’ll beat me to it and get a pepperoni and it looks like he’s picky and i’m totally not.) so if chris managed to convince him to eat this squash then it must be some super squash.

update: here’s what it looked like

didn’t taste like spaghetti but if you doused it in enough ragu it tasted just fine. i don’t like the smell of baked squash. it’s sweet and smells a bit like raw meat. ick.

pineapple tarts on saturday, although we are using canned pineapples instead of the fresh ones (unless i go to wegman’s before saturday). well at least we’re making the jam ourselves, it could be worse.



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