Piano lessons

I dreamt about having xiao long bao at din tai fung last night. more accurately, I dreamt that I was in raffles city deciding where i should eat. it was an AWESOME dream. too bad i was woken up by the sunlight streaming through my window reminding me that i had skipped analysis (yes, again.) it’s 8.40 in the morning! can you blame me?

every time i have my piano lesson i am awed at how much there is to learn, to assimilate into my playing. it is not going to be easy. yesterday there were so many singaporeans practising in lincoln! zhengkang was playing chopin’s 3rd ballad :o crazy. i also think it’s very easy to fall in love with your piano teacher. i mean, if he is a guy. mainly because
1) he would be super sensitive (to all your mistakes) and also to your feelings. i dunno. the guy piano teachers i’ve had so far are all very gentle and encouraging, especially coz i am quite harsh on myself as it is. i’m kinda glad he’s not xak coz i would definitely fall for him then. REMINDER TO SELF: You are not single!!!
2) he exhibits such prowess over the instrument which makes you a) admire him like mad b) wish you got better to match up to him. kinda like the relationship nodame has with chiaki. speaking of which, i’ve downloaded both parts 1 and 2 of The Final Score! High def and very well subbed. the pianists’ dresses in those two movies were awesome. yet I didn’t think they were more movie-like than the original drama. also there was this particular exam in which nodame played alla turca which just blew my socks away. alla turca was just alla turca, you know, the piece you play when you’re a bored eight-year old with no taste. it’s also the piece i always play on the air piano coz it keeps your fingers quite busy. she did it AMAZINGLY with very nice variations in each motif and perfect pedalling and voicing and everything. i tend to use far too much pedal to mask my ineptitude at the piano, blur out the edges of the notes i can’t quite play. all in all, it was very beautiful. and now i want to learn the bach klavier concerto.



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