Why would one say ‘sodium’ when you can say ‘salt’?
If you are not actually trying to be more specific (and not a chem major) then it is clearly one of those sad secondary school attempts at making yourself sound more intelligent (than you actually are) that backfires badly because the other alternative (‘salt’) is so much more direct/commonly used i.e. takes less computational time for your audience. If you were a thoughtful writer you would know that the most appropriate word to use (if you cared at all about minimizing your audience’s brain processes) is ‘salt’. it’s ‘table salt‘, not ‘table sodium’. and ‘salt and pepper’, not ‘sodium and pepper’. I like ‘pepper’. It’s one of those words that you can’t needlessly complicate. pepper is pepper, as any quick search in a thesaurus will tell you. No synonyms (for the noun form anyway). That’s my kind of word.

Going to the bathroom in liangze’s house is weird. mainly because it is an all-guys house, and instead of being able to niao them to put the toilet seat back down when they are done, I now have to put the toilet seat up when I am done. which feels very, very weird and contrary to the laws of nature.



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