No more Neuhaus :( :(

I finished the chocolates yesterday. There is a half bar of dark godiva left and nothing else. I just made achar and it smells quite nice although I flouted all the instructions of the recipes I found online. They sounded quite noob anyway. Made the achar coz I’m making satay tonight and it feels like a very satay-ey veggie.

I have two white bears, one called Bonjela and the other is nameless, a Harrods bear zheng yuan sent me for my birthday a while back. They are almost identical yet I can’t help liking bonjela better. He’s just psychologically.. softer. cuter. not so posh and a little bit grubby. Oh, it’s the bonjela of facebook fame. If I had to hug someone at night it would be him. Which all feels a little bit mean. I don’t think I’d make a good mother. If my bears were children, Harrods Merchandise would grow up with all sorts of complexes.

MCM this weekend. It coincides with a) our anniversary and b) Valentines day. Which kind of sucks. Thank God the non-routine problems for algebra haven’t started yet. And since it’s this early at least none of my prelims will be affected.



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