I feel know that I haven’t written anything worthwhile in awhile. But to write something worthwhile would require extremes of feeling or crises, not this gentle coasting along which i can’t say i don’t appreciate.

Anyhow, here’s a list of names that I think would make even a genius grow up to think himself simple.
1) Simon. Even without the ‘Simple Simon’ context, it’s just such a nothing name that only semi-literate people would give themselves or inflict on their children.
2) Jimmy. This name reminds me of a gentle giant, someone who’s big and strong but rather thick.
3) Bob. (sorry daddy) This person may not be stupid per se, but is someone you hardly think will be brilliant. I mean his name is monosyllabic and only uses 2 alphabets! You can even read it if you have dyslexia. I guess slightly because of its Bob the Builder connotations. A totally working class joe. I don’t mean Roberts, who are shortened to bobs. I mean bobs who are ‘just’ bobs. and don’t tell me they don’t exist, because my dad is one.
4) Bert. I can’t explain this. It just sounds ridiculous to me. Would you name your child Bert?


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