600 smackers

This is for the benefit of mingsee, who is probably the only person who reads this barren wasteland, trying to avoid writing some essay or other.

I just got DSTA to pay for my piano lessons! :D I -am- taking them for credit, and am also now $600 richer. whoop de doo. I should have done this since freshman year. But this year I think I actually have time to practice. Was already assigned a Beethoven sonata to scrutinise and massacre at my first lesson in… five years! Has it been that long! I miss piano lessons.

Emperor chicken tomorrow :D Also some kind of chocolate lava cake. I’m quite excited about eating them. Have been softening the rhizome michelle brought me (she gets ginseng for her parents for cny and sneaked a coupla pieces out of the box for me to use in my cooking lol).

Today I found a hole in my favourite pants. D: and i can’t sew to save my life. I found it while in the statler cafe i.e. in public and was horrified. it wasn’t that large and didn’t reallly show though, especially if i was wearing my coat.

shoot your birthday is coming and i haven’t a clue what to get you. another musical card?

Also, apparently my phone has surfaced in uris hall. says brit who told justine who told liangze and me. yay!



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