Windows 7!

I have Windows 7! Yay. Also kind of want to install Ubuntu on my hard drive instead of running it from a thumbdrive since the new 500gig hard drive came in the mail on monday and i have been busy trying to recover (by that i mean ‘reinstall’) all my programmes. Ubuntu really preserves my battery life (by twofold to be exact) because its processes just use so much less power. i also need to reinstall all the tex stuff and viewers that will allow me to read math papers since ze found soft copies of the textbooks for algebra and analysis. Also photoediting software and music editing software would be great, i’m tired of editing photos on windows photo editor (whatever it’s called, probably some boring name like that) after having memorised all the shortcuts that do the same thing in photoshop. the only thing i would recommend one to use windows photo editing software for is for straightening photos. like if you shoot a truly horrific horizon (say from the plane window), the windows photo editor can straighten it instantaneously.

it’s interesting to observe the car dynamics of lz’s house. most of the guys use it to ferry themselves to a girl’s house or to ferry a girl back to their house. sometimes it’s a distribution of contentment – when one boy is using the car, the other is in effect prevented from being with his beloved. they are all very nice about it though. think boys just don’t take offence that easily or bear grudges (at least those in his house).

need to stop scarfing down the neuhaus chocolates he got me from heathrow.

i just found out today that the tab pianist (pastor richard’s wife) came from peabody. NO WONDER! And I’ve been ban men nong fu-ing in front of her all this while. Gosh!! I got so embarrassed when I heard the news! I mean, i knew she sounded really amazing (Not in a typical American ‘amazing’ way which really means average but in a truly chinese amazing way) but I thought it was just cause she’d played church music for ages and ages! Haha she’s always so encouraging (and lends me all the scores I want to borrow) despite my suckiness next to her.



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