Quick one

1. Got into the piano class at cornell. Had audition today and it was great! Long story will post about it later.
2. I have to play four chimes concerts a week this semester :( The miracle is, I climb and I climb and I climb and I don’t get any fitter/thinner. This blows.
3. Chimes administrative dinner at Kilpatricks pub today and it was awesome. I mean you normally walk by it coz it looks a bit sketch, a British pub in the US? they didn’t even get bangers and mash right, the entree was called “Bangers and Smashed”. although I suppose it’s less sketch than the Irish pub we saw in Cusco lol which I’m sure serves grilled Alpaca. Picture up soon
4. Peru pics are up here. About 80% of the photography and 100% of the touching up is by me, although there are some gems that are his.
5. I scared off one of liangze’s friends at lunch today. he said i talked very fast which was intimidating. and the poor girl asked “have you guys ever finished the crossword?” and i said “all the time!” and proceeded to show her at lightning speed on the monday crossword we were working on with her. she was a newbie at the crossword so we turned the paper around to face her and you must admit reading backwards and writing the answers in with your left hand since your right hand is busy shovelling food into your mouth are significant handicaps so she probably thought we were quite sucky and i probably looked desperate to prove her wrong. sighzers. math people really are socially inept, what do you expect. anyway i am rapidly scaring away all our company, i think it’s best when there are people eating with us to keep my mouth shut. i said “doesn’t hong quan talk very fast too!” and he said “but he’s not intimidating, he talks very fast in an aunty way, not like you, full of facts and information it’s very scary.” lol. it’s a compliment (to you hq), of sorts. haha. ya i talk very fast but not exactly in singlish, i think if i used that native tongue i would be less intimidating. maybe.

I am excited about piano class! They are all playing Beethoven things (how typical), and I feel like it’s the second string class since we’re not actually taught by the piano prof (his schedule is full) sigh. but still, i haven’t had lessons in ages and ages so this will be nice.

Oh also, lost my house key (just the one key lol) and my handphone on the first day of school. retrieved the house key from the recesses of my sofa but the handphone is still wandering around malott (the math building). Hope nobody’s making any long distance phone calls with it. Anyway it’s only a cheap $15 phone so it’s not actually difficult to replace. Only my number would change again which would be rather annoying.

Note to self: Always turn your clothes the right way out in your closet before rewearing them or you will wear them the wrong way around all day and everybody will be too polite to tell you so.



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