Fish out of water

Got to cuzco.
It’s hard to breathe here.
Got hit by altitude sickness the minute I staggered into the hostel lobby.

Interesting facts I found out while here (because I didn’t do any research beforehand)
There is no difference in time zone between Peru and the Eastern United States.
Cuzco stands at more than 3km above sea level. For comparison, Ithaca is about 114m above sea level, and Singapore’s highest point is 136m above sea level. Which makes Cuzco about 28 times higher up than Cornell and 1/3 the altitude of Mount Everest.
We found a Mcdonald’s, and its familiarity was oddly comforting. Wouldn’t like to compound the altitude sickness with food poisoning- I already feel like throwing up.

Time to find a postoffice.



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