Shutter Island

I am degenerating like mad.
Can’t even get through Shutter Island because it’s too gory and too late at night to be watching this kinda thing.
What’s wrong with my ability to detach?

I think the fundamental problem is that i have not read a whole lot of fiction in the past semester. i’m becoming far too literal-minded, and the total lack of disturbing literature (ryu murakami) in my life has caused me to become a wuss. Shutter Island is currently the scariest thing I have encountered all year. Is that good or bad?

Why are there so many disjoints of memory in it? I hate mind games. Well, that is not true. I love mind games and they make excellent movie plots, but I am also very scared of what someone else would see if he toyed with my mind. so everytime teddy daniels’ memory is tampered with it gives me great terror ><

Christmas is coming~! There are going to be two celebrations next week. One at Chris' house and one at my house (apparently). have to decide on menu (food and movie) and things.

Also, MIng see is coming! I am terribly excited about all the nua-ing that is going to happen.



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