Don’t feel like studying.
I have two math finals left to go. both of which I’m supremely unprepared for.
Yet I don’t feel like doing anything about it. Which is why I’m here, typing inane procrastinatory things in the manner of a 16 year old girl.
Also I have been reading a blog of a girl who was 16 years old then and whining about all these kind of things like how school is so tough and how she doesn’t feel like doing homework and somehow all of those feelings have been imputed onto me.

in other news, whoever’s been stalking our blogs:
donnid to study for finals one arh.

or perhaps you are feeling that infinite ennui like me.

ze is at his formal, all dolled up in the calvin klein i got him. i’ve never cared for dressing someone up before but it was really fun shopping at the black friday sales! i have a natural flair for matching ties to shirts. and anyway it was about time, considering how he gets his clothes from salvo’s >.> but i guess it’s good that he does that, cause he saves money that i can later spend. after all, what’s his is mine, and what’s mine is also mine.

i’ve gotten through about half my christmas list. at first i had this no-going-home-for-christmas-policy so i wouldn’t have to go home and buy christmas presents for all the people i know and love there, but the longer i’ve stayed here, the more people i know and love here, and want to buy presents for them so it no longer makes a difference.

My parents sent me a christmassy card which was really really nice. it had nothing about christmas in it and just stuff about how i am a really awesome daughter (why thank you), most of which they have never really articulated before because of the whole azn ‘we don’t want you to get too arrogant’ thing which backfired badly. and they should be thankful they have me, they could have kena-ed someone a lot worse with drug issues and sleeping around and stuff. they put a hongbao in the card, and forgot to put any money in it!! or maybe the postman stole my money. well considering how we spent their last hongbao money on lobster thermidor (all 1600 kroners! hahaha), i’m surprised they’re even giving us anything again. shoot now i want some lobster thermidor.

i think it’s really cute when christians swear. i don’t mean when they say really bad words, but when they try to substitute bad words with all sorts of other words. justine always swears with ‘shoot’ and alex swears with ‘chicken nugget’ (you have to imagine it in the singaporean accent). chee-ken nah-get

in other news, one of my photos on flickr got posted on a tumblr food porn site. lol. check it out. it’s the egon party platter when we were in bergen, norway (yes i finally uploaded some of the summer photos). the fried camembert really stood out, although you can’t see it in the picture. also the chicken with hoisin sauce.



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