I bought $60 of NYT crossword books from the cornell store over the past two days because there was the 20% end of year discount!
So now I have the Black and White book of crosswords, the Brilliant book of crosswords, the Red and Green book of crosswords, and the Black and White book of Holiday crosswords.
I must be going quite mad.

Oh well, just think of it as stocking up for the holidays. Like stocking up for a war.

I also bought liangze the same hoodie I got hongquan (it’s the best in the store) and he looks light years younger than the coffee shop uncle we all know and love. i don’t know, it’s just the hipness of the hoodie, pit against his nerdy brainiac face and chesterton-loving mind that just has something a little bit incongruous about it.

Also, I managed to get him through all seven potter movies to date! [insert fist-pump] He hadn’t watched any except The Half-Blood Prince and I’d watched everything else. The last one was really nerve-wracking, and I really didn’t know Great Britain had that many desolate looking wastelands. And of course for days afterward i had to pay the price of this foolhardy endeavour by suffering his many, MANY impressions of death-eaters and their ungodly slurping up of one’s happiness. (Okay, I admit I skilfully conjured many patronuses the last few days to ward off his death eaters) It was exactly the same thing as when we’d finished watching nodame. Couldn’t have any dignity-preserving flights at all since every plane we got on he’d do an elaborate rendition of chiaki-senpai and his aerophobia, clutching at my arm and shaking like a retard until i threatened to go sit somewhere else, or told him about my less embarrassing flights with other boys after which he’d get into a fit of jealousy and stew in his seat.

he really is adorable sometimes.



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