Cooking monopoly

I wonder if i’ll make a good cooking teacher.
every time i allow people to help me (other than my mum of course) disasters happen. cause very many people have absolutely no culinary intuition, maybe from lack of experience? or lack of wise mothers.
i let liangze help out with the easy stuff, or the menial stuff, partly because well, he’s my boyfriend and i’m sorta obligated to not chase him away. but would i welcome another nooblet into my kitchen? how much would i mind cooking with intent to teach and not intent to make something perfect? how much can i stifle my neurosis to let someone else take control in the kitchen?

i think i like cooking for people a lot more than i like teaching people to cook. it’s a childish thing, but if i am cooking for them it’s like playing a game and getting to have your turn over and over again. teaching people to cook means they get a turn and i’d have to wait before i get my turn again. whenever i cook by myself, i get to go past go and collect $200 any number of times i want.

and since i cook for my house once a week and his house once a week, i think it’s definitely better to cook for people who can’t. they are more.. appreciative. especially since the service you provide is a scarce commodity. that and i don’t have to pay for groceries when i eat there. or maybe it’s just the concept of feeding a large number of (helpless-looking) boys and their girlfriends that is funny slash feels like a good deed in the manner of helping an old woman across the road. of course they are not all helpless, maybe it’s just liangze.



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