Sometimes I wonder if Americans actually have more or less finely honed tastebuds.
Here are the two conflicting arguments:
1. They can’t seem to tell the difference between different sauces, especially for japanese cuisine. teriyaki sauce = soy sauce = tentsuyu = yakitori sauce = oyster sauce = shoyu. well, going by the food in ithaca. and they seem to subsist on condiments like salt and pepper. maybe white pepper, various herbs, seasoned salt, cayenne, parsley. no chilli, much less variations of chilli, or oyster sauce, or shaoxing wine, or sesame oil, or chilli oil, or black bean sauce, or anything.
2. Yet they can somehow taste the strength in something so subtly flavoured to be bland, such as their green tea ice cream, which they can very well call green vanilla ice cream. or ‘chilli’ dishes, where the mildest of sambals (diluted with lots of water and cornstarch and coconut milk) will be pronounced to have some real kick. now you’ve got to have some super sensitive tastebuds to detect the green tea in haagen dazs’ green tea ice cream.. and even more so to enjoy it. or to eat the watered down laksa at makanmania and pronounce it spicy. Well.

I’m a bit sore because I took an American green tea cookie recipe off the net to bake for jingyee’s birthday and my green tea cookies emerged as green cookies. well, you can taste the green tea in a pinch, but still. And it got so many amazing reviews and even won some Best Recipe of the Month prize somewhere. Seriously?

I need to find a singaporean recipe site. And to start relying more on my mum’s recipes. Only problem is of course the cooking products sold here are sold in US units instead of the metric system.
anyway here’s the end result!

liangze’s snek

my froggy



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