i got volunteered for makanmania.
you know how?
because my dear boyfriend volunteered. and so after having not taken part in the event for all my time at cornell, suddenly my name is chucked on a list to make laksa or smth and i’m assumed to be helping him. as what, a dutiful wife? gimme a break.
i’m sorry but this kind of solidarity does not exist.
i only go to makanmania to eat. and last yr i didnt eat at all coz i bought the last two tix and gave em to chris and rich, not that i minded.
making laksa only, need 7 people for what. my cooking is for pple i care about, or i’d have opened a restaurant long ago and made some real money out of it.
speaking of which, the chocolate-matcha bundt kek i made for cheryl sim went pretty well and here it is

and a little friend arrived in the mail today too!

how cute is he?? he’s hugging my feet!!



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