I finally signed up for the GRE.
I am afraid of not getting into grad school. You see there is little point in applying to somewhere worse than Cornell. How does that link? That means the places I am applying to are in theory, way out of reach for me. It is a wishlist. A list of wishful thinking.
There is no time for anything
Not people, not homework, not sleeping, not writing, not reading
I have four unreplied letters and a multitude of emails in my inbox that have been starred and subsequently ignored. well what do you really expect? I already gave you a star.
Only in the US are your in-school examinations insufficient as a means of assessment, that they need you to take an easier, infinitely more annoying test that may or may not test anything worthwhile and most probably will not be in any way indicative of your ability to handle undergraduate or postgraduate work.
Because of course all knowledge can be condensed into a multiple choice exam.

What happens if I don’t get into anywhere?
Does it really matter?
It is time to culture a petri dish of ambivalence.

I need to stop sleeping so much and start doing more worthwhile things. Much unlike writing this.
New life philosophy: Less whinging, more proving.



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