My First Boat

Having an avid interest in marine life
fish and shellfish
alive or dead,
I’ve always wanted a boat.

Now I’m not a fussy person:
It could be a big cruise ship,
Sprawling all over the sea
Small enough to land a plane on;
Big enough to swallow the whale that swallowed Jonah.
Or perhaps a catamaran with two vakas
And a deck that stares impudently at the starstruck sky.
Or one of those nifty little speedsters
Running on gasoline
Making motorbike noises in the bay.
Something I could wear my shades on
Get a tan on
Have a gin on
the rocks on.

my first boat ran on poetry.
A little red kayak; A speck in the sea
I sat in the bow with him facing me
I read him the verses of McGough and Blake
And the engine would paddle us all round the lake.

It didn’t go very fast
(Sometimes it didn’t go at all.)
We didn’t go anywhere
But then
We didn’t want to.


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