The Birth of Boring

i was examining the psyche of my latest poetic character and i’ve realised why so many people profess to write poetry (or to even write) when they haven’t the faintest aptitude for it. it is because they are overwhelmed by their self-absorption, so much so as to feel threatened when another person writes a piece of beauty. the first thought that comes to mind is not how beautiful the written words are, but how surely they can do the same or better? okay perhaps it’s just my delusional impression of people largely based on singaporeans. i mean how many times have you heard speeches made by heads of elite schools and large government organisations declaring “if (insert name of another school/country) can do it, why can’t we?” in a truly tragic effort to spur on their peons. the saddest part is this – some people actually buy it, and appropriate this reasoning for themselves.

and there you have it. The Birth of Boring.



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