You wonder why there are so many wandering minstrels nowadays
Penniless, pathetic sods, without a roof over their heads.
The short answer is this:
Poetry is cheap.

You don’t need any special skill to write poetry-
All you need is a pen. Available at 40p apiece in Staples and you’re set.
(A quill if it makes you feel better.)
Any fool can write poetry. The same way probabilists have shown that
if time and monkeys were no object,
A macaque seated at a typewriter could produce the entire works of Shakespeare.

You can write yourself a rhyme,
filled with meter, marking time;

or a seventeen-
syllable japanese tale
about lotuses:

or what adolescents enjoy best,
a piece of prose


O scales of feeling.

You don’t need any skill to write poetry.
All you need is a persistent ignorance of beauty
and the audacity to proclaim “Well I could have written that myself.”



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