is it weird that when the crossword hint is “grand _______” the first thing i think of is “marnier”? what other grand-___s are there? grand prix? grand rue? grand mere? grand piano? :P hmm i wonder what grand piano is in french.
anyway if you haven’t already noticed i’m doing a postcard-type series. simply because i haven’t photoshopped anything worthwhile in a long time (not committed to anything in cornell enough to want to do a photoshop publicity job for it) and thought i should keep up with it. The locations where the pictures are taken are in the tooltip.

life is bobbing along nicely is how i would describe it. like an apple in a tub on halloween.
can’t believe my stint here is ending given it feels so incomplete. like i know i could do so much more. i guess 9 weeks is really a short time especially given how frequently i trip off to a) holiday b) the proms c) japan centre for green tea ice cream.

hilary hahn was perfect. i had forgotten how beautiful beethoven’s violin concerto was. there were three encores that day. one by her, and two by the deutsche kammerphilharmonie bremen.

i feel like playing a board game. like hotels. or scrabble. got ze to start playing happyland today :)



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