nooo. all of ben’s cookies are gone. :(
i bought 7 on monday and somehow, they’ve all vanished.
and i’m talking huge cookies. bigger than mrs field’s, bigger than pepperidge farm, bigger than subway’s cookies.
i left the triple chocolate cookie till last, even though delayed gratification is such a plebeian philosophy. i can’t quite remember who wrote about it, but it was someone modern, like coupland, or maybe even saki. the truly wealthy don’t need to delay their gratification. they can have anything they want anytime they want it. it’s the lower-classes (not necessarily in fortune but in mentality) who try to make pleasure last longer because they cannot afford perpetual indulgence. in order to heighten their pleasures the rich have to instead artificially punctuate their lives with poverty to bring out the contrast- you don’t see them scarfing down plates and plates of -just- foie gras, it needs to be matched with poor man’s food – poached fruit, or brioche, or spinach. conversely the poor(-minded) live in their perpetual poverty while trying to artificially engineer perpetual wealth by delaying their gratification.

it’s really funny, and a little sad- when i observe this tendency in people i automatically think of this. obviously not the sort of thing you say out loud though.



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