Left behind

one day i would like to write a leftovers cookbook. isn’t it a brilliant idea? instead of cookbooks on how to make all sorts of exotic dishes with infinite resources, i’ll write one that has artificial constraints that are really plausible in real life – everyone has leftovers all the time. and you can do so much with them! instead of making horrible veggie gumbo soup or everything fried rice like dining halls do. i think especially since i’m only cooking for myself nowadays the ingredients i use for small-scale cooking are things that could be very easily left over from something else but completely made over.

like a fruit salad

or yakitori chicken stirfry

or 炒面 w scallops

or thai sweet chilli chicken noodle w kfc hot wings

they are such leftover-y dishes don’t you think? such a cookbook would be real useful especially with an index you can cross-reference with leftover bits in your fridge to find the perfect recipe that uses everything up.

I wish i had a guitar now so i could learn the 1st mvt of barrios’ la catedral. it doesn’t look all that hard. i mean i can’t do vibrato properly or anything but i can probably play it well enough for myself, obv not well enough for publick consumption. it would also be nice to pick up classical guitar so whenever the boyfriend does something tt annoys me i can punish him by belting out any one of his favourite john williams or julian bream songs à la ivana (i.e. with <1% of their talent). i don’t mean to get any good at it, of course. just good enough to annoy the living daylights out of him whenever necessary :P



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