just discovered that my itunes playlist would take 19 days to be played.
how many songs do you think that is? ^^
for those who’d actually bother to solve that problem i.e. all the one of you keep in mind i do have some heavy duty operas/masses on my HD so it’s not all 3 minute pop tunes. or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that the vast majority of my music are not 3 minute pop tunes, which is not to say i don’t have any. i do listen to some. not the recent ones, of course. have no clue what new, irritating, four-chord progression is in fashion nowadays.

hahaha how to stop being snarky? i can’t. i can’t. it demands too much of me.
gosh the second movement of road movies sounds so similar to my pentatonic technique exercise 3 years back.



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