oh no the girl who does not know how to cap her milk is back.
there was a milk bottle in my fridge that kept leaking and spilling milk all over everything and spoiling my fruit and it just SAT there for a week, nobody cleaning it up or bothering to tighten the cap while it leaked all the livelong day for SEVEN DAYS and milk got into the veggie drawer and all over everything on the bottom shelf. i wouldn’t be as mad if it were orange juice or something (least that’s acidic and kills some bacteria) but milk is really disgusting. i can’t even bring myself to drink it. so i got real fed up yesterday and tossed the bloody thing. i’ve since realised the owner of that bottle of milk was on holiday or something because the girl who lives opposite me reappeared today (after her room being dark/silent ever since i got back from geneva) and well there’s a new bottle of milk sitting where the old one used to be (unless she fished it out of the trash >.>) and guess what? it’s leaking too. i never thought not being able to cap a bottle of milk could be a chronic syndrome. like someone would be just that inept to make the same stupid mistake repeatedly. once could be classified as an oversight, but twice just reeks of autism. i mean, you’re at university for crying out loud. and you’re a graduate student. how on earth did you get your first degree if you don’t even know how to screw on the cap of a bottle of milk such that it doesn’t leak when laid out horizontally? unless you just don’t give a s*** which is equally likely. now nobody dares to use the bottom shelf AND the veggie drawer of that fridge for fear of their groceries getting covered in milk. the thing is literally empty. i would leave an irate note on the fridge only i’d sound like an uptight schmuck. which i suppose i am for caring this much. i should park a huge wheel of roquefort in the middle of that fridge for revenge only that would punish innocent people at the same time. perhaps they won’t mind.
i hate milk.
i hate people who get their milk over all my food even more.
but oh i love raging like a pms-y teenage girl.

what problems i have.
Ooh. maybe Mrs Leaky Milk is trying to annex the entire fridge for her personal use by chasing her flatmates to the other fridge with her leaky milk? Sneaky sneaky. BUT I SEE THROUGH YOUR PLAN. I WILL SEE TO IT PERSONALLY THAT IT IS FOILED!!! don’t think you can pull a fast one on me. i invented schemes like that.



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