amigos para siempre

I miss being in ithaca. more accurately, i miss being on EST. then i don’t have to plus or minus 7 hours accordingly to find out what time it is in his world and what time is convenient to talk. And if i want to know what time it is in singapore i just change the AM to PM in ithaca and i can’t do that here. and it’s so confusing! because i have to plus 7 when i am converting from GMT to singapore, but minus 7 when i’m converting from singapore to here, and me the super pro math major always gets mixed up. ya i can do contour integrals but i can’t do arithmetic. that’s for computers anyway, why waste your brain energy doing simple things? the same way i always calculate the tip i have to leave at restaurants with my handphone tip calculator and all my friends start getting out their cameras and snapping away at the math major who can’t calculate her own tip. for shame.

anw i’ve been wanting to post this for some time:

i really love this photo. how once the photographer said “ok… candid shot” we really became ourselves, completely amok, undisciplined, uncivilised, nazi, like one big 黑社会. it’s so obviously.. gep. in the sense of weird, and liking it. let me point out what people are doing.
1. i think wen hao is giving joel ears of some sort. and mingsee has her hands on joel’s shoulders like some supportive mother or wife type thing.
2. jieliang is choking jerome, who seems to be pretty happy about it. mae is also strangling jinghan. good times.
3. the girls are all tamely doing the peace sign.
4. i’m pretty sure che hao’s doing the sonic boom thing. lol. y’know, the one that beats the hadouken in that stampy game we were all playing then. :P
5. we are of course all wearing the nazi armbands we made in the aftermath of friedrich. probably not the effect the gep branch had in mind in putting that book on the syllabus. lol.
6. miss teo looks like she’s putting up a brave front. “yes i have to teach these lunatics but i might as well be happy about it since they’re graduating this year!”
7. derrick’s being dracula in his typical derrickian humour and it actually looks really cute. oh no it’s not dracula! it’s a zombie!
8. sharleen’s shooting a rubberband at che hao. she had such a cute mushroomy haircut then :P
9. waikeat is completely obscured, which is typical of us.
10. nat seems to be pushing shawn away. or hitting his head. and her nazi armband’s slidden down in a very haphazard, half-hearted nazi fashion.
11. shawn is the typical big gang leader with his “these are my homeboys” expression.
12. scott looks so gleeful and pomphfy and cute! i wish he hadn’t thinned out and got hot.
13. poor zwing is hidden by sivanesh’s “rock-on!!” face.

i really have no idea what we were thinking then. but it looks like a lot of fun, and i remember it being great fun, and thinking if i ever had kids they had to go to rosyth. the kind of people there are just.. different. the friends you make last for a very long time, and school doesn’t feel like work at all.



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