my latest acquisition from salzburg. how absolutely adorable.

clara’s birthday is coming up (like in one day) and i haven’t figured out what to mail her! ><

i wonder if eating chocolate off my table is hygienic. and i wonder what i’m going to do once the chocolates i bought from österreich/schweiz run out. crisis! maybe i’ll take another trip. i bought pretty good chocolates for my prof and for my parent’s friend in london but like bar-type chocolates for myself instead of truffles or mozartkugeln. what was i thinking! shld have just gotten them rittersport. oh i know why i don’t have any truffles left it’s cause i ate all those i bought loosely from fürst at the train station. ya. all at one go. while my roommate watched on in a mix of awe and horror at how rapidly they were disappearing. because it was so hot they would melt otherwise. so no choice lor. :D only now i don’t have any. gah. i do have a thermal bag though just for chocolates and cheeses and that sort of thing so i could potentially buy truffles in boxes (so they won’t get squashed) and cart them back here in there as long as i have a minibar in my hotel. hmm.

oh! i forgot that there are neuhaus retailers in london. :D did you know neuhaus has an ice cream collection! and it’s available in Great-Britan according to the website! noooooo their macarons are only available in belgique! why do i have such a macaron fetish? it’s just a cookie burger. um.



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