don’t people know that :) means that you’re happy and :))) just means that you have a triple chin? who on earth smiles like that! :))) -_-

after awhile i have decided that the knots in my hair are not worth combing out. i used to comb out every knot with a pretty fine toothed comb just because i can and my hair is straight but now there seems like there’s no point. knot then knot lar. nobody’s gonna notice anyway. and it’s not like i fiddle with my hair all the livelong day like those kinds of girls for me to get annoyed at the knots. boys don’t know how good they have it.

sometimes i don’t know what the point of putting my pictures up on flickr is. it’s so annoying, how everybody zooms straight in on the people shots and ignore the actually worthwhile shots (i know because each photograph has a statistic only shown to the owner of the copyright) and all of the people photos are getting loads of hits but they were most definitely not the point. i bet my parents are some of the culprits. is it really more interesting looking at a human being, which by the way, you can find almost anywhere and who are irritatingly everywhere in singapore/india than looking at a mountain or a stream or a palace? uploading photos there always reminds me of undermined artistry.

also, i started sight-reading rachmaninoff’s arr. of kreisler’s liebesleid and it is full of tricks! that one can’t really tell just by listening to it. and the actually ‘leid’ part is so short. it’s pretty, but i’m not sure how much the practice is worth. waldstein is still slower than the youtube renditions but the fingering is getting sorted out for all the runs.



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