wouldn’t it be cool to do a doctoral dissertation on the snark? “The Hunting of the Snark, revisited.”
do you think it’s possible for an entire dissertation to be written in iambic meter?

Miroslav Chaldny describes them as
“In the study of various important and difficult problems in graph theory (such as the Cycle double cover conjecture and the 5-Flow Conjecture), one encounters an interesting but somewhat mysterious variety of graphs called snarks. In spite of their simple definition…and over a century long investigation, their properties and structure are largely unknown.”

meanwhile, i’m just about missing every single performance in the piano fest. if anyone went tell me how it went! ze’s going for grosvenor’s tonight but i want to hear about the others too. maybe it’s about time i activated my straits times acct from dsta and checked out the newspaper review.

shall console myself with the proms. bah.



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