walking back home today from the tube station, i was thinking about what reidemeister moves did to the tutte polynomial (part of my assignment for this week before i see my prof tomorrow and rather naturally my mind started to wander. it was really dark (i was walking back around midnight after having had dinner with sonya at a place called ping pong which specialised in dimsum at baker street dont snigger it was surprisingly edible) and everywhere in uxbridge was dead quiet. the walk from the tube station to my hall takes about half an hour and in that span of time i literally did not see a single soul on the street. all i could hear was my footsteps, and i wasn’t even wearing heels, but those soft cloth flats that technically shld not make a sound. i tried tiptoeing halfway but even my tiptoeing could be heard! sometimes you have to look like a retard to carry out an experiment.

i felt like that hitch guy in the movie where he’s the only one left behind after the whole world had been abducted by aliens or something (faulty memory, let’s see what google yields) oh it’s called I Am Legend and the rest of the human race was killed of by some plague. well that’s what it felt like walking back. not a peep out of all the houses! not sure if the students had all moved out for the summer but they didn’t look like students’ houses they had rose gardens! and obviously students (at least those at cornell) are too lazy to cultivate rose gardens altho mingsee did say roses suddenly sprung up in her garden haha. and no partying? drinking? like everyone was peacefully asleep in bed at midnight and only solitary nomads like me were still up and about because i am at heart, a city girl. i felt rather safe though, like i was walking around in the estate around the old rosyth cause all my friends stayed there and we always hung out till late. or even the seletar hill estate.

but despite the safeness of the environment i did walk quite quickly home. perhaps it was the darkness. perhaps it seemed inappropriate that i was still out so late when everyone in this town has made a mutual agreement to sleep by 11 o’ clock. perhaps it was the cold (12°C now and i just had a cardigan on). perhaps it was a tiny, irrational fear of being assaulted. i mean. i’ve never had to think seriously about being assaulted in singapore because well let’s face it. it’s tiny. it’s safe. crime rates are low. (not that they’re not here, uxbridge is surprisingly like singapore if any of you ever happen to chance upon it) so i’ve never prepared anything. one of those rape alarms. or mace. i’ve also never feared being assaulted because i don’t think i’m either young or nubile enough to entice anyone haha. but then tonight i realised that a rapist would either be v. desperate or have some perverse mental disorder in which case my unattractiveness would not even be a factor. alternatively he could be drunk enough for me to appear nubile. haha. so it is a real threat. maybe. and i also realised i don’t even have the number of the local police in my handphone. although given where i am it would be futile since the police station probably closes at 6pm like everything else. perhaps that’s what contributed to the I-Am-Legendness.

but! i think a pretty effective way of throwing off an assaulter like a thief or a pickpocketer or just one of those drunks who try to get friendly with you is to appear disabled. like blind or something. it takes some really messed up people to still be criminal to the disabled. and also the blindness where i randomly try to feel their faces to see who i’m talking to might throw them off. it’s easy to appear disabled. almost impossible for the disabled to appear able but the able can just cast off one of their faculties and hobble around in patheticness. i could even start panhandling. they’d -definitely- be thrown off then. it would be an interesting social experiment, just that the risks (of going around attracting such assaulters) are a bit too high for my liking.

this was also inspired by yesterday when mingsee and i found out that adult’s admission to the london zoo was £18. how crazy it’s that! it’s not even a proper zoo like the singapore zoo or the san diego zoo it’s a park zoo that’s barely got anything and is as big as the zoo in central park! we kind of walked through it via regent’s river for free last weekend :P and craned our necks to look at all the free animals in the enclosures right beside the river (which is not zoo property but runs through the zoo so anyone can walk by it) i went online to check what other animals they had and they had jelly fish! i really want to see a jelly fish. so i checked the prices and it was £18! which is even more expensive than the singapore zoo in sgd. btw the singapore zoo website has been done up really nicely now in a sorta 3D fashion go check it out. there’s like a huge orang utan swinging up and down a vine while the site loads. BUT the london zoo did have one concession where if you are bringing a disabled person to the zoo the carer gets to go in for free. so i told mingsee she should pretend to be a retard while i pretended to be her carer and we’d halve our admission price just like that. ah the joys of being cheapskate. she didn’t acquiesce though. bah. why so shy?



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