i seem to be the only one strutting about here as it if is summer in my shorts and flip flops. kudos to ithaca weather for that, i suppose. when anything that’s a positive degree is -okay- and anything above 20°C becomes sweltering. which is partly why i’m keeping away from singapore as far as possible.

i was reading through reviews of sushi places in singapore (after googling ichiban boshi) on sites such as hungrygowhere and i’ve got to say singaporeans really take their food very seriously. the reviews there are so detailed and.. earnest! and they’re really hard to please! i say this comparatively because i’ve also been reading reviews of london’s restaurants on yelp among others and people there are so generous with their 5 stars (well unless the reviewer’s from san fran, where people think they have a monopoly over good food) while i haven’t yet seen a completely satisfied review on hungrygowhere yet.

singaporean reviews rate the staff (“they could help to smile more often”, “I kept having to ask for everything like tea, tea refill and chopsticks. But oh well, nobody is perfect..”), describe the order in which food is served (“Dishes came without proper order. The hot soup came first followed by the sashimi, and later the clams miso soup came. Feedbacked to the supervisor” wow talk about anal-retentive) the quality of food in terms of the dips, the spiciness of the chilli, whether the sauce tastes like something they can make themselves (“the dressing tasted like cheap vinegar simply mixed with sugar”), the freshness of the seafood, whether they had stomachaches after (“I’m not ‘bombing Nagasaki’ in my bathroom for now, so i’m guessing that my gfs have weak stomach.” zomg never heard of this one)(“Apologies for being gross but I puked out the signature fried rice and vege tempura a few hours later.”) describe the setting (“The only thing bugging me is the step that I always trip over every time!”,”Thankfully there’s a really cute (and less importantly, chirpy) girl at the counter so that helps.” these come from a guy some of you actually went to school with :P), the ambience, upload review photos, rave about the marbling of their sukiyaki and their sashimi (“you could see thick white stripes of those healthy omegas” – although when can’t you, really), critique whether the flavour promised in the menu is the flavour delivered in their food (“It tasted like teriyaki chicken, with a hint of miso (very very subtle)”). zomg i can’t imagine how they would critique the restaurants in america, where any chicken in any average japanese restaurant (in the vein of ichiban boshi/sushi or sushi tei) would be teriyaki flavoured. regardless of whatever is written on the menu. the american restaurants barely know the proper names of things and so everything is in “special sauce” or “spicy brown sauce” or “sweet dark sauce” etc.

amazing. everyone really knows their stuff! what things are called (” I asked the waitress about tentsuyu but she did not know and told me to eat without it. After insisting on having tentsuyu she at last brought it. This gave me the impression the training of waitress on Japanese food was not well done.”), what things should taste like, it’s like a nation of gourmets who take their food and how it is served very, very seriously. if they put as much heart into everything else imagine how lovely singapore would be.



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