Some day I think I will change my facebook avatar to this:

even before ze knows my profile picture changes, they know! and i’m not even friends with them! or maybe they were stalking his wall O.o can be recruited into RAIA already.

i wonder why it is so nice to talk like a coffee shop uncle. mingsee says it seeps into my blog posts sometimes, the diction and all. apparently i’ve perfected the art of sounding completely bochap like i’m sitting with one leg propped up on those plastic chairs sipping my kopi-o. i don’t even like kopi-o. but i guess the older you grow the less necessary gep polish seems because you cease to care that much about what other people think of you, your friends in particular (and also anyone you deem not important enough to bother impressing hahaha). so i’ve started sounding more and more like an uncle to either those who are very close to me because i know they’ve already accepted me, or to those who are too distant for me to care. if i don’t to you then perhaps i am still intent on impressing you, i.e. i probably wouldn’t speak that way to his parents or his church aunties, or to my own church aunties for that matter, unless i want to prove to them i’m still the same old me and i haven’t gone overseas and ‘caught an accent’ because they don’t seem to know i’ve spoken like this all the while. it infects mingsee sometimes :P but it is so fun! can complain about anything and everything in that uncly way i’m starting to wonder if singaporeans complain all that much not because they’re actually dissatisfied with their lot in life but because it’s cathartic to air your grievances to all and sundry and it makes you a less bothered/cranky person.
is this summer??? 11°C at night!? not that i’m complaining, i love cold weather. only i hope it lasts through july and august! someone’s singing Time of your life outside my window with the guitar at 1am in the morning. it’s one of the few songs i can actually play on the guitar, the riff and all. well mainly because it keeps repeating so after learning about 4 bars you’re set.



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