Point form #9

1. Fruit and nut toblerone is the best invention known to man.
2. some days one just feels like buying printed toilet paper. and so I did. :)

those days come with the same mood as when you feel like buying a grapefruit cutter. or a strawberry corer. days for buying the absolutely unnecessary just to make yourself feel better via indulgence in the excesses of capitalism.
3. when one is blue about separation the best music to listen to is joe hisaishi’s. because his music, after being soundtracked to miyazaki’s films for so long, are just infused with nature and natural sounds that it gently reminds you of how much bigger the world is than you two. it doesn’t snap at you and tell you what a sappy loser you are for being so cut up over love, but slowly reveals to you the other things in life that are to be appreciated in almost equal measure and makes you forget your own foolishness.
4. wouldn’t it be cool if someone subbed Babel? as a spoof, i mean, not the actual script. I’ve always wondered what the two japanese gentlemen were discussing after the younger (presumably subordinate) one came down from the flat. “How’s the company stock doing today?” “Not so good, it dropped 0.3 points..” “Ah. Looks like the boss won’t be happy again. By the way, did you know your daughter is a nymphomaniac?”
it would be so epic if it were spoofed! if I were super-free now I would sub it, which was what i was thinking about a week ago. but now there is so much to read and so much work to do!
5. i just downloaded like 20 GTMs from springerlink and they all sound so interesting i want to read them! coz for some (bad programming) reason you can’t download the entire GTM as a pdf but you have to do it chapter by chapter and i like to rename each chapter as i save as so i’ve been reading all the chapter titles in a somewhat lustful fashion. Lie Algebras, Galois Theory- The Galois Group of a Polynomial, Diophantine Aspects of Elliptic Curves- there is so much to know and so little time to know it in!! i’ve also (re)discovered that arχiv is owned and operated by cornell. how cool is that? the ultimate site for math papers (after mathscinet perhaps) and my school owns it. even my prof here uses arχiv primarily. it apparently has a bunch of e-prints for many other sciences too, but i’m not sure how popular it is as a resource in those fields. all i know is that most of my math papers are from there. my sch just levelled up in my esteem. also because under brunel servers i can’t seem to download anything from springerlink and need to use the cornell proxy. what, the students here donnid to read textbooks one meh.



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