Point form #8

1. so the laundry machines here -are- normal and semi-idiot-proof like the ones at cornell. only the dryers are 20p for 12 mins (which obviously isn’t long enough) and apparently you’re supposed to put in £1 and push the dry button 5 times to make it up to an hour so it’ll be dry. is that kind of thing supposed to be intuitive?
2. gareth says my accent leans more to the singaporean side in the triangle of british-american-singaporean. i always thought it kind of unplaceable because i don’t sound like anyone in singapore or england or america so what do i sound like exactly? but i can do the american and british one to some degree so people can understand me, and i find that the brits understand me better than the americans, and singaporeans uniformly understand me coz i can speak singlish. and also the americans tell me i have a british accent, probably because they don’t actually know what it sounds like (given their failed attempts at imitating it in their plays)
3. kofi means ‘born on friday’ in ghanian. as in kofi annan. kwasi means ‘born on sunday’. this ghanian girl in church told me. cool right? they’re all named after the day on which they’re born, they can either use it as first name or middle name. can you imagine a country with -just- 14 names, 7 male 7 female, one for each day of the week? after awhile you’d need to start indexing your friends.



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