It is officially 66 days left. That’s less than the amount of time for the chimes competition and I stuck through that alright, and I didn’t even want it that much, not until the end. Like for the first 4 weeks I was rather get-in-also-can, don’t-get-in-also-can but I 忍ed until the 70 days were up and I got through. There are less than 70 days left to him coming here and I can totally do this. somehow.

over the past week i’ve discovered that.. the English can be too English. what with their random pub names, -hams and -fords- and -bridges, you start to feel a bit like, call an egg an egg, you know? some tube stn names are so long they have to be stuck on the tube map on a place not to scale. like knightsbridge, for eg. also the london traffic and their penchant for nonchalant tardiness. it is not a little pathetic when you have to have ‘express’ built into your coach name because your customers wouldn’t realise otherwise. bah.

and there are mosquitoes here! the nerve.
gonna be a long summer.

edit: i saw a man with his dslr on the coach back to london and he was looking through his photos and suddenly it hit me that there are so many dslrs who are not fulfilling their destiny!! and i got sadder than i already was. if you cannot take photos, please, PLEASE do not buy a dslr. if you know nothing about lighting and angles and lines and textures and thirds and apertures and white balance and are just noobing around, can you noob around with something less expensive? you make the canon/nikon world SAD. they’re not just toys. they’re meant to be used skilfully. an expensive camera isn’t going to make a bad frame good. you cannot polish a turd.



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