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no no no i fell asleep i’m supposed to be doing my math research! so the majority of my exams are over, just have combinatorics left (which is supposed to take forever to complete) we were supposed to work on it this weekend (it’s a take home) but ended up -ahem- watching gakuen alice. for the WHOLE of saturday. and still haven’t finished. just watched ep 17! the plan was to do one problem for combi, then its equivalent in time of gakuen alice, and keep alternating like that. which obviously failed, but given our recent anime marathon. chris gave us a huge frown in church on sunday for procrastinating although she hasn’t been much better-behaved herself!

donlon is really hot! i don’t know how people sleep there. and why the heating is up so high when it’s not even that cold out. sometimes i’m thankful for risley’s non-functioning heat. somehow i fell asleep in his room after ep 17 and not only did i fall asleep, i slept through till 2.30am when i was supposed to be doing research! bah.

2 things i’ve been wondering about.
1. anyone knows any other good anime to freely available on youtube or another video service over the summer? when i’m done with gakuen alice i’d like to start on something new we can watch tgt over the summer when he’s back in sg being stalked by my friends and i’m chilling in brunel. (by the by, the university has agreed to do my accoms but it only begins 4th June so i -might- run into some problems. will probably drift around and go see rebecca or smth. or do the whole checking myself into a hotel for the heck of it stint) (horrors i just read in the housing catalogue that visiting students do not get internet access in their rooms. O_O. that’s going to be interesting. i just shot off an email asking them WHYYY)
2. do you think boys speak in a higher pitch when they’re talking to girls? like in pitch convergence or smth. when liangze talks to me he sounds really high pitched as compared to when he talks to his other guy friends in a much deeper, manlier-than-thou voice. and the distinction is stark when we’re rambling on about something or other and one of his guy friends’ calls him and he picks up the phone and goes “yo” in this weird, deep, official-sounding voice and sounds so different! maybe that’s why hq sounds so high pitched coz he keeps talking to us girls. liangze says it’s because i induce whining (boys -do- seem comfortable whining to me about their problems) or maybe he means it’s because i give them something to whine about :P go observe it next time it’s really quite funny, especially since i’ve started doing impressions of his deeper, manlier self which aggravates him so. :P

edit: the brunel math dept just told me i’ll be registered as an academic visitor and so have a student account and get internet access in my room. (= late night chats with ??) also i’ll apparently be provided with a desk and a pc. O.o
it’s nice to have someone rooting for you at the top instead of trying to wrangle all these things for yourself from the bottom. i wonder if i’ll be expected to be at my desk and pc while “at work”, but i sure hope the pc’s double-barrelled!



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