End of term

my desktop feels so empty without all those gamma function papers open and is having withdrawal symptoms. last lessons today ,since tomorrow is slope day and i don’t have anything. i hated that italian ended, and that was my last italian lesson ever. i’ll probably email her at some point to see if i can sit in ital3130, watch the films and take part in the discussion and stuff. i think fabio will be disappointed at how little i’ve improved if i do go up to york to see him again.
today was the first time there was applause for a math professor at the end of semester. and it was well-deserved, i hope he wins another teaching award. he makes everything so clear and so.. followable even for a noob like me. it’s too bad he’s teaching 223 next semester and i may not actually get to take any more courses under him! woe.

anyway. today’s post will be on top five recent articles of interest. most of them from scott adam’s blog because he, for some reason, manages to find the quirkiest, most pointless but entertaining pieces of news on the net.
1. Bangladeshi man beheaded to redden bricks. Because a fortune teller (who still exists and holds credibility in the 21st century) told the owners of a brick-field that the field needed a human sacrifice to make their bricks redder to look like they have been properly baked.
2. Let’s have fun with the Google search box! On the best and worst of search queries to be typed in. Exploring the psyche of the search box and how it completes your sentences by predetermining if you are a ditz or a pompous nerd who starts all his queries with “how might one…”
3. the earth sandwich Strangely enough, the creator of this is also called ze. it is what it says.
4. Man dies after eel is inserted in his rectum. A Chinese man from Sichuan died after his friends decided to stuff an eel up his ass for a laugh. “What were his friends imbibing when they came up with the idea and how can I get some of that?”
5. Brain splits to multitask. And its implications on dating. If you were to ask a girl out, you now know to load your request with many different options to confuse her and throw her off her better judgment to not go out with you. i.e.
Don’t: “Would you like to go to dinner with me tonight?”
Do: “Would you like to go to dinner with me, or to dinner and a movie, or maybe just a movie? What movies would you like to see anyway?”

on a completely unrelated note, i wish all my chairs looked like that



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