Added a new category because I feel like I haven’t been a grumpy old man in a very long time… and love should NOT distract grumpy old men from their grousing because grousing is cathartic for the soul. so i present

My Big Book of Grievances.

yes. Today’s grievance is the haagen daz green tea ice cream that gave me 1 hp a week ago. It doesn’t taste anything like the green tea ice cream in raffles city basement! what is up with that! I want proper green tea ice cream :( the ones here are too milky and sweet and not strong enough.. think they put in too little matcha powder. and you have all the plebs here saying how much they love maccha ice cream when they a) can’t spell it b) haven’t even tasted the real thing.

Anyway the green tea shop in raffles city has closed (cxy wrote me the very bad news last year) so i have commissioned her to search for a new shop for me. until one is found i have no incentive to go back. although the food cravings are starting to growl a little bit now.

Here are top 5 things I would eat if I could only go back for a limited amount of time (like 4 days, over the SIPF or something)
1. steamed fish at OCC
2. The pyramidal black sesame ice cream from azabu sabo
3. crab korokke!
4. chawanmushi. the sushi tei one or the SICC one.
5. frog porridge! from the place at sennett estate where we used to go after sending our mice to AI for upgrading/repairs.
i don’t know who told me today or yesterday was save the frogs day and it immediately reminded me of frog porridge.

also i found a zagat article on the best eggs benedict in manhattan and am now wondering what i was doing there the whole time i was there without trying any of those restaurants and without even going to the russian tea room to have the chicken kiev! i really really love eggs benedict and have to figure out how to make em. doesn’t look hard, i mean it seems to be mostly assembly.

i was productive on saturday and finally put up all my winterbreak photos. (Y) not that many made it on flickr because i think i kinda gave up on pretending to be an asian camwhore near the end. no one can take that many photos without feeling a bit like a pro bono travel journalist.

i’m done with taking pictures for free for other people to admire. buy a plane ticket and see the place yourself.



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