The performance was great. when frank told me on saturday afternoon that it was gonna be awesome i said “i know” and he said “how would you know? you haven’t seen it yet” and i said “well i watched it last year” but the real reason was because ze’s in it what how can it not be awesome. even if he sings off-key (as if) it’ll still be awesome. of course i didn’t say that to frank he still thinks i’m a rational person. hopefully. haha.

we went for the math dept spring concert today – it was interesting, to say the least. some really lame items, like l’hopital’s rule by strichartz (yah the way of analysis guy) and a puppet thing and some jazz numbers. and the concert program was done in \LaTeX! cool beans. i wish i’d signed up few people did the grand in AD white justice. there’s a violinist i really want to play with but i feel like he’s scared of me already coz he’s a shy little freshman and coz i’m just scary. dominatrix, yo. well next spring it’ll be.

it’s so hard to find someone to go to classical concerts with and even harder to find someone to go to fun-fun math lectures with like the math of juggling or prime number theorem etc. i can’t believe i’ve found ONE person to go to all these supposedly boring/esoteric things with. i mean what’s the probability? less than epsilon.

the chimes competition ended. yay for waking up at normal hours that are not 7 in the morning. we took in 4 people and somehow i feel really irresponsible toward the people we rejected. i mean, for raising their hopes, and having them waste 10 weeks of their life practising and having it come to nothing. i mean, it had to be done, but i just wish nobody had to feel anything about it. nevertheless, i know there will be people who are feeling utterly wretched tonight and i can’t help feeling for them. both my compets made it! im so happy for them too. wasn’t due to me at all, though. talent is talent, to quote our favourite teacher.

during the decision dinner jen told us the most adorable thing:
“you know whenever fiona sees an asian person on the street now? she goes ‘look! a chimesmaster!’ we’re still trying to teach her that that’s not okay.” lol. fiona’s a chimes kid and well, over 50% of us are asian so you can see the association but how cute is that? seriously. the asians among us were all super amused.



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