Today’s dilbert strip is just full of win.

i walked into the organic section intentionally for the first time today because i was looking for matcha powder. i don’t believe in buying/eating organic produce because well, a) it’s pretentious, b) it’s not food. it certainly doesn’t taste like food. and i had a terrible experience with organic chocolate awhile back. anyway the asian section didn’t stock my matcha powder, and after looking through the entire aisle of specialty teas (green tea infused with pomegranate etc.) in the organic section, there was zilch. really annoying especially since i wanted to make a matcha bundt cake. and also green tea biscuits. oh well I shall do better to buy these things on ebay the next time i have time. but what is up with that, wegmans? wegmans is like a huge supermarket that is maybe 2.5 times the size of carrefour in plaza sing. it’s supposed to carry everything! bah. i mean i even found stroopwafels there, for crying out loud. and also swedish crepe mix, like the one mingsee and i got at albert hejn.

when in america, use american recipes. i know, it’s a bit hit and miss, since they have a culture of over-praising so you can’t really trust the reviews online. and most of the americans who’ve eaten my stuff always say it’s awesome and wonderful and whatever their limited vocabulary affords them without any sort of discrimination at all (except chris of course). but i’ve since realised that their recipes would be in cups/tbsps/oz and the oven temp will be in fahrenheit. which makes sense cuz when you look at ntwts and stuff in wegmans and the oven in risley the metric used is the same (and i don’t mean the metric system). i still have no clue why they don’t use SI units but for the 2 years i have remaining i will compromise instead of diligently converting all the quantities in my mum’s recipes.

also, i made cookies for the first time with a PREMIX. i felt like i was selling my soul. well the point of that exercise was the design of the cookie (shape wise) and not the actual taste of the cookie itself. i thought it tasted terrible (but i am prejudiced against premixes) (and also i’ve been brought up in a home where premixes do not exist and where magnificent cookies are produced routinely) but my lab rats thought they were great. then again everyone in ris are like hungry hobos since no one is on a meal plan so anything that looks remotely like food would taste good to them. anw since they taste disgusting you can guess where they’re gonna go. boyfriend’s stomach :) it’s like having a personal compost machine.

i actually popped by the games day thing today (some recreational activity SSA organised to celebrate the annual day of good weather we get in ithaca) and was sitting beside frank who’d injured himself when henry (some random senior dude i think) turned around and asked me “are you singaporean?”
lol. actually, i have been singaporean for about 20 years and have been at cornell for 2 years but your guess is as good as mine as to why he doesn’t know me :D
i smiled serenely and said “yeah.” and then he stretched out his hand and said “hey, I’m Henry.”
and i shook it and said “hi.” and i just stopped there cause i couldn’t think of anything else to say. Have completely lost touch with socialising and this type of conversations it clean escaped me that i was supposed to tell him my name too. so he stared at me like i was some kinda mutant from outer space and finally said “…and what’s your name?”
haha i have totally devolved. he was too nice to let on what a social pariah i should be and finally it dawned on him “oh! you’re the pianist girl.. at. at. at. makanmania right?” and i said “yeah, when you were emceeing” and then he got all embarrassed that he’d forgotten my name. it wasn’t his fault really. i should have introduced myself as ee-var-nah i think that’d have rung a bell.

the wedding concert was lovely. one or two minor scrapes when i forgot an F# and forgot to prepare my foot on the E pedal, and one not so minor scrape in the middle of gift to be simple but i recovered. the fact that i can count my mistakes on one hand bodes well. besides, it was meant as a surprise for the bride and groom so i think they will be forgiving. :)
template update because i was tired of scrolling what is up with all the tiny columns in the wordpress designs? once you shove a picture in there it takes up all the room and then you have to keep scrolling. don’t really like this design the colours clash amazingly but at least it’s got a huge fat column.



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