I had a slew of bad dreams last night, possibly because I was sleeping when I didn’t intend to be. set my alarm for 12am so I’d start reading my combinatorics textbook but i obviously turned it off and got up at 7am instead. Guess it wasn’t particularly deep sleep since my subconscious knew i shouldn’t have been sleeping and so punished me with all sort of weird images.
I dreamt i was in another country with people I didn’t like, and I was forced to play cards with them which made me cranky because they were the biggest bores ever. and yes i actually matched names to those people, my subconscious literally recalled the most boring of my acquaintance and chucked them there. and then i dreamt i was with ching and she was teasing me about lz and then i suddenly realised she liked someone else herself and she wouldn’t tell me who it was. and i dreamt she was going out with her uncle (like, a blood relative not a random uncle) and i was so disturbed. it was like living in a murakami novel. there were lots of other disturbing things that i don’t remember, because i kept waking up in the middle of the night at intervals it was like a dream sequence.
that’ll teach me to sleep when i should be doing work.

in other news, i’ve submitted my proposal for funding and should get the response by next week so i can finally start booking tickets etc. have a big headache trying to find accoms i haven’t the faintest idea why west london should be so expensive. there is nothing there! i suppose you could apply the same to cornell. i was going to go for the sweetest bachelorette pads only they’re like £625 – £700+ which is fine and well but if my research scholarship pays for that + plane tix + food and everything it probably can’t afford to pay me for my work. not a big deal, i’ll probably just pay the balance. lots of news will come in the next week or so i’m pretty excited.

i think i should chop my hair off soon. it seems to be growing okay only i have no control over it at all it flings itself into everything i eat as if possessed (think medusa) and at the end of the day you can tell what i had for every meal just by sniffing it. grossness. boys have no idea how lucky they have it. no fringe constantly falling over your face, no wind problems, no food problems.. unless you’re a girl with toilet brush type hair which is just sadder than it is convenient.



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