Happiness points

Since it’s going to be a crazy week i’m going to keep track of happiness points!

1. Holly kept her job. yay. her company laid off 104 people today and didn’t even touch her immediate dept so she doesn’t have to feel bad that coworkers are leaving. Our God is a merciful God. [+1 hp]
2. fiona (jen’s kid aka the 7 yr old who owned me at beatles rock band) brought us donuts for the evening concert judging today! [+1 hp]
3. sudesh has written a prog to decompose the facets on the manifold page and we got our first 5-join today. yay! ed was like, “so… you know what you have to do next, right? five! six! seven! eight! who do we appreciate?” we’re scheduled to meet on thurs morning before analysis to work through the five, six, and seven join to get more trees, then we can see what’s really going on here. [+2 hp]
4. the italian final got cancelled because she says by now she already knows what grade she’s gonna give all of us. was pretty necessary since analysis was the day before. [+1 hp]
5. Got my phone back. apparently I dropped it in the church parking lot. [+1 hp]
6. Somehow the my parent’s laptop/brother’s laptop were not functioning (not sure why, virus/hardware problem?) so they haven’t bugged me/ze for weeks. awesome. my dad just wrote today to tell me. chris has also charged me to reveal my summer plans to the folks since my mum wrote to her saying they hope my research will only take a month so i can go back for the remaining month to see them and she said she didn’t want to be the messenger. [+1 hp]
7. wegman’s has finally decided to stock green tea haagen daz!!!11!1! [+3 hp]
8. my research funding got approved. it’s all systems go! [+2 hp]

1. Mihee left bell choir. I can sort of understand. No one else can, they were all saying “but I thought she was happy here” etc. but they are patience incarnate. not us. and just because someone leaves doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s not happy there. it may well be that other things make her happiER. [-1 hp]
2. ze is busy with rehearsals every day this week. i’m not really demanding (so i like to flatter myself) but we -have- spent a fair amount of time tgt each day after class just doing the crossword or talking rubbish so it’s kind of strange now that he’s not there. not there at lunch, not waiting for me after my research.. i mean, i didn’t feel lonely or anything, just.. discomforted. okay, maybe a teeny bit lonely. but i got over that real quick. can’t afford to have him worrying about me when he’s got more than enough on his plate without a clingy girlfriend. [-3 hp]
3. lost my phone! this could go under hits, actually. but it’s annoying not to be contactable by him in case he needs stuff. i don’t really care if anyone else wants to contact me. also, there’s a good chance i might miss the morning concerts without my phone alarm. #.# i’ve set the alarm clock in my room but it doesn’t seem powerful enough. back in rgs when we all brought our alarm clocks to sch one day for an april fool’s prank mine was so big and so loud it was christened the Fire alarm clock. [-1 hp]
4. i didn’t get the job i wanted [-3 hp]

net hp: +4



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