Stand by me

we talked into the night. the kind of talk that seemed important until you discover girls.
“alright, alright. mickey is to mouse, donald to duck, pluto to dog, what’s goofy?”

“if i could only have one food for the rest of my life? that’s easy! pez. cherry flavoured pez. no question about it.”

“goofy’s a dog. he’s definitely a dog!”

“A new 64 thousand dollar question was fixed. There’s no way anybody can know that much about opera.”

“he can’t be a dog. he wears a hat and drives a car!”

“Wagon Train’s a really cool show. But did you ever notice they never get anywhere? they just keep wagon-training.”

“God. that’s weird. what the hell is goofy?”
i can’t imagine eating pez for the rest of my life. i’m starting a new category of all-time top fives since it’s important to know what you want in life. the book it comes from is evident. so here goes:

top 5 things you’d order for your last meal if you were on the death row.
1. my mummy’s shepherd’s pie

2. raspberry sherbet

3. quail’s eggs benedict with mashed peas

4. misra’s bergedil

5. max brenner’s profiteroles

hm now i feel like making profiteroles for the CM’s breakfast on monday. but no time! well i suppose i do but it’d be so much effort should have planned it in advance. perhaps next year. will just do a brownie tomorrow. can’t wait for decision dinner next sun. or the annual chimes dinner. :D



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