i wish people would stop adding me on fb. it’s not like they do anything there, unless they’re intending to use that to talk to me.
today i saw the adorablest little picture of a baby which made me wish
1. you could rent babies (no, not convinced of actually having them yet.)
2. i could sew.

is she not the fiercest little rabbit ever? more here.

got up at 7+ this morning even though i didn’t have to (saturday concerts at 10,10am) because i’ve been getting up at 7 the rest of the week. also fell asleep pretty early on last night whilst reading. the boyfriend’s in boston playing frisbee for cornell in some singaporean games thing for the schs in our area which means any of the following
1. time to read
2. time to write back to all my correspondents
3. time to meet up with other people
4. time to blog
5. time to miss him (maybe)
5. time to fool around :D

so when i woke up this morning i looked out my window and saw this:

cute little man sitting in his garden in shorts and it was 4° out! after awhile it started raining so he went back in. it’s nice to know other people are awake with you early in the morning, when you can peek at the world in all its sleepy wonderment. everything is better when it’s sleepy. children are quiet, schemers aren’t scheming anymore, nerds aren’t mugging (except in duffield).. all is well with the world.

went out for dinner with tiffy and hr yesterday (to celebrate our mcm result) which was nice. we used to only see each other at mcm so we kinda only know the mugging side of each other, but yesterday everyone was very human and very open and it was nice to see that they were more than machines. i never thought that they were -just- machines, of course, just i don’t really meet them enough to see their more humane side.

tiffy was kinda down because of her workload and her projects (she’s doing 5 technical courses this semester, 3 of which are computer science and 2 of which are specifically recommended by the CS department not to be taken together O.o) most CS courses are crazy because of the workload but those were literally singled out by the dept to be extra-crazy and i guess she didn’t know or smth? she had a lot of work and sounded kinda down and i really wanted to do something for her but i didn’t know what to do nor how to help (haha as if i can help with cs). hr was really encouraging (never got to see that side before!) i know he doesn’t dispense compliments easily unlike a lot of americans i know (in general singaporeans don’t dispense compliments easily at all we’re actually rather arrogant when it comes to standards of writing, quality of work, etc. but he less than others) and he told her she was a good programmer while he was driving us back and she didn’t believe him and thought he was just saying it to be nice but he got indignant and said he really meant it and that he doesn’t say false things. then tiffy was really happy. i think she doesn’t know him enough to know that he doesn’t say these things lightly either which was why she thought he was just being nice. but i’ve noticed his rather surprising stubborn honesty. surprising not because it’s him but because i don’t think a lot of singaporeans have that. even while we were writing the paper and i was smoking with my usual abandon he’d take things out that he thought were misrepresenting. which i thought was fantastic. cause when you’re trying to produce 15-20 pages in one night it’s kinda necessary to switch off your filter and let the stream of consciousness take over so you need an external filter.

we were at maxie’s supper club & oyster bar which was wasted on us coz tiffy and i don’t eat oysters and hr just doesn’t mind them. so i had my crab cakes and i had another epiphany. i’d been wondering what was with the crab cakes why is it so popular in america and i realised that it was because americans (yah i’m generalising like mad again so sue me) are too lazy to deshell the crab themselves. btw crab cake is nothing like fish cake it’s more like a korokke but with crab instead of potato. so someone came up with the ingenious idea of having machines extract all the meat and blend it together into some indistinguishable format so you can eat it as a filet. nuts. none of them have chilli crab or black pepper crab whole with the hammers and the flying bits and things. well i suppose unless you go to a coastal place like boston or maine (token qualifier). i’ll have to take chris & rich to some lovely crab/seafood place when they come so they can see what fish is supposed to taste like. she says when i get married i’ll have to do it in january because that’s when the weather in sg is bearable according to justine. otherwise she won’t come ^^

and i’ve realised the detriment of having friends who are old. they die before you. D:
i know i shouldn’t be worrying about it now but i don’t want her to die, ever.



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